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Toolbox is a hybrid space where freelancers, companies and start-ups work safely every day to strengthen and innovate their business.

Beyond the coworking. 
Turin has more and more space

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    Departments from the Politecnico of Turin
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    Students team from the Politecnico of Turin
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    Meetups every week
  • Printclub graphicdays
    Print Club and 
Graphic days
  • Fablab
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    Events every year

A professional, heterogeneous and dynamic community

Toolbox hosts several professional communities active in the innovation, design and entrepreneurship sectors

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Departments of Mechanical and Management Engineering

Innovation passes through research and training: the research groups of two departments from the Politecnico of Turin, the SMART GREEN team of the DIMEAS and the ASTRADORS team of the DIGEP work in the Toolbox.

  • Astradors

    ASTRAORDS team (Astrodynamics and Advanced Orbital Systems) focuses research activities on: classic, astrodinnamic and astronautical mechanics, autonomous driving of the space vehicle, orbital robotics and Space Systems Engineering & Technology Transfer. The research methods used by Astradors include analysis, numerical simulations and experimental tests, both in the laboratory and on experimental space flights.

  • Biogrow hydroponic system

    SMART GREEN's PhD students experience new vertical cultivation techniques and new methodologies for the development of intelligent airplane systems, based on IoT and artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically balance the use of resources (such as water, nutrients, energy) and productivity of the crops of horticultural species. The goal is to produce a wide range of plant species by optimizing the productivity of the system as much, as well as the quality of the product.

Politecnico of Turin has chosen Toolbox

Engineering students created 8 research multidisciplinary teams who live spaces and laboratory daily to transform projects into functioning prototypes ready to compete all over the world

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    Sailing Team

    Realization and construction of small boats with a large glazing boats

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    H2 Polito

    Design of high efficiency vehicles with hydrogen propulsion system

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    They mix skills and engineering disciplines to design the fastest bikes in the world

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    Design of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with solar or solid propellant

  • Mask 4

    Prototyping of modules for a selfsufficient lunar base

  • Mask 5

    Construction of a flying replica of the historian S55X

  • Mask 6

    Engineering for the motorcycle race

  • Mask 7

    Analysis and resolution of issues and needs related to the world of industry 4.0

Over 300 events, Workshops and Meet-ups every year

A flow of continuous training, new stimuli for your work and opportunities to connect with the world of creativity and new technologies, triggering new synergies

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Print Club Torino, the realm of visual design

Continuous-cycle courses and workshops for the experimentation of visual languages ​​and traditional and digital printing techniques: at the Print Club Torino you can develop your creativity and discover the new frontiers of design. Every year it organizes Graphic Days, the international graphic and visual design festival.

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Printclub 01
Printclub 03

Graphic Days Torino
Visual Design Festival

Designed in Toolbox, the Graphic Days Festival is an appointment dedicated to Italian and international visual design that since 2016 involves the most relevant artists and professionals on the international scene.

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Fablab Torino, home of the makers

The first Fablab in Italy: an open space in which to shape innovative projects. Fablab Torino is a laboratory that spreads the "maker" culture among enthusiasts, students and businesses.

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Fablab 01

Meet actively. Toolbox hosts the most interesting meetups in the city!

  • RUST

    Lose yourself in the world of programming with Rust and discover the potential of this programming language

  • WP

    Join the community dedicated to open source software. Here the art of creating websites takes shape through WordPress power

    Rete al Femminile

    The Turin group of the national network for the development of female entrepreneurship. Together, we build a more inclusive and brilliant future


    Whether you are an expert or a neophyte, this Hackerspace is perfect for sharing knowledge and challenges in the world of computer security

    Marketers Club Torino

    The first student marketing, management and communication association. Meetings are created to inspire you and build together the future of tomorrow's leaders


    The group dedicated to the study of Google programming language. Explore the potential of Golang with us

  • GDG
    GDG Torino

    The independent community for technology, web and social media enthusiasts

    Agile Community

    Enters the world of Agile and lean approach to the development of products and services for a more dynamic and efficient future

  • Php

    The hub of web development professionals dedicated to PHP. We share knowledge and create the future of the web together


    Developer or simply curious of Python? Join our Meetup in Turin and discover the infinite possibilities of this language

Hackability and Tutticonnessi

Toolbox dedicates part of its spaces to host non-profit organizations that develop innovative ideas for a more inclusive society. In addition to Fablab and Print Club, we host:

Hackability, an association of volunteers who uses creativity and technology to respond to the needs of autonomy and care of people with disabilities, the elderly and children,

Tutticonnessi that collects, regenerates and gives digital devices to families in difficulty so that no student remains excluded.


Toolbox, Live Smartly :)